Assure Your Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) is in Compliance

By November 1, 2013 Uncategorized

Compliance StandardsReams of paper can be filled with the verbiage around compliance standards and guidelines related to emergency generator fuel and fuel tanks. The goal of these guidelines is to maintain clean fuel, free of contaminants, so that, during an emergency, the generator will function and provide back up power.

At NES, we do read the verbiage and have distilled this information to make compliance simple for you:

  1.  Schedule an annual fuel test in all above ground (ABS) and underground storage (UST) tanks.
  2.  Initiate maintenance practices to ensure a clean, dry fuel supply at all times – fuel polishing, biocide and tank cleaning when necessary
  3. Maintain written records reflecting maintenance and operational testing of the EPSS.

Compliance is as simple as one, two three.  Begin by contacting Bill at NES for a fuel test and fuel analysis now

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