Meet the NFPA 2013 Annual Fuel Testing Requirements

By December 26, 2012 Tips


Three Actions you can take to assure your Emergency Power Supply system (EPSS) is in NFPA compliance:

  1. Schedule a fuel test in all above ground (ABS) and underground storage (UST) tanks.
  2. Schedule periodic fuel polishing of stored fuel for best fuel maintenance practices to ensure a clean fuel supply at all times
  3. Maintain a written schedule for routine maintenance and operational testing of the EPSS.

Take special note of the last point – maintaining adequate records.  The NFPA guidelines emphasize accurate record keeping.  Local regulatory agencies, such as the Seattle Fire Department, require a formal process through which to file the records.  Remember, inadequate maintenance documentation is the number one cause of litigation loss related to power supply failures.

Let me, Bill Orr, know if you would like information on your local agency requirements.  (  NES can point you in the right direction to access forms and provide you with further information on NFPA and JCAHO requirements for emergency generator testing and maintenance.


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