The Clean Tank is the Northwest’s go-to maintenance provider to standby generator tanks, gas stations and the marine industry. We are an industry leader in providing fuel storage tank maintenance solutions.

The Clean Tank’s fuel quality specialists perform on-site fuel testing, fuel polishing, tank cleaning, tank inspection, tank repair and a variety of onsite projects (view project gallery at the right).

The Clean Tank will test your fuel, provide lab reports with photos, and provide a maintenance plan specific to your site.

Fuel Polishing
& Testing

fuel polishing


tank cleaning

Compliance Testing
& Tank Inspection

Compliance Testing

Marine Fuel Polishing
& Tank Repair

marine repair

Additional Services

In-House Lab Fuel Testing
Confined Space Work
Interstitial Service
Fuel Level Calibration
Probe and Float Inspections
Leak Detection
Pump Installation
Spill Bucket Inspection

A Proactive Approach

With The Clean Tank you are assured proper functioning of your critical mission fuel tank and fuel. Proper fuel and tank testing, cleaning, and maintenance are the key to emergency power reliability.

The Clean Tank begins with assessing your above and below ground fuel tanks. Complete documentation, including photos, are kept on every tank for your records and ours. When a service is performed on your fuel system, thorough tech notes are provided before the job is considered complete. Consider The Clean Tank to be your partner in compliance.

Above and Beyond

The Clean Tank goes well beyond tank cleaning. We work directly with contractors, engineers, chemists, and equipment manufacturers to provide the best maintenance and materials plan for your facility fuel system. Expect us to listen, expect the best.