Fuel Polishing & Testing

Fuel Testing

The Clean Tank is your source for all aspects of diesel fuel quality testing. Testing capabilities include ultra-low sulfur diesel, biodiesel blends and more. A comprehensive battery of tests are available through The Clean Tank.

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When you request a fuel test, The Clean Tank’s techs pull samples from your tank center and bottom sections for analysis. The tank spill bucket, seals, venting, day tanks, and fill system are inspected and photos are taken for your records.

On site repairs are often made at this stage of maintenance. For example, fittings are cleaned and sealed, spill bucks emptied and cleaned.

Fuel samples are tested in The Clean Tank’s in-house lab, or at an independent laboratory if this is

When testing is complete, you receive a complete fuel analysis along with maintenance recommendations.

Fuel Polishing

The Clean Tank’s proprietary fuel cleaning process is quick, efficient and effective. Sediment, microbiological growth, and water are removed from your fuel storage tanks per ASTM D975 specifications. Centrifuges, coalescers, and filters are used to remove non-combustible particulate matter to restore fuel to its clean usable state.

Your emergency generator demands high quality fuel to remain a reliable source of backup power, and The Clean Tank is your partner in a pro-active maintenance program aimed at attaining and maintaining this high quality.