Marine Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing

Most engine failures can be traced back to the condition of the fuel. Diesel fuel is a key and often overlooked component in the world of reliable diesel engines.

The Clean Tank is your partner in fuel and fuel tank maintenance.

When a fuel polishing and tank cleaning are required, The Clean Tank techs use a variation of the following process that is most efficient to your boat and tank design: The marine tank is emptied, access plates opened, if available, installed if not. The tank is examined for corrosion. If tank appears sound it is closed up and fuel is pumped through a two micron filter polisher back into tank. If the tank is leaking or severely corroded repair may be necessary. All disposal related to the service is delivered to an environmental disposal company and a bill of lading is provided.

Marine Tank Repair

When a marine tank is leaking, a repair or replacement is necessary. The Clean Tank’s proprietary repair process seals the tank and prepares it for normal use. The cost of repair is typically 20% of tank replacement.

The repair process begins with the marine tank being emptied, access plates opened, if available, installed, if not. The tank is examined for corrosion and leaks. The next step is to thoroughly degrease and all loose rust and corrosion is scraped away. A proprietary seal is then applied to problem areas of tank. The tank is then closed up and fuel polished back in.