Clean Fuel Solutions for Marine Industries

Fuel tank leaks, pinholes and corrosion inside your fuel tank will be repaired through Felix Marine’s proprietary tank sealing process. We are the go-to-company for tank repair in the Northwest. Repairing the tank offers a value priced option to replacing your fuel tank as well as minimizing your boating down time. Felix Marine provides skilled techs with years of experience opening, cleaning, and repairing tanks.

Are you experiencing a frequent need to change your filters? Do you see sludge, slime or particulate in your filter? Does your fuel lack a clear, bright appearance? Are you seeing excessive exhaust smoke or erratic RPM performance? The cause of these symptoms may be a dirty fuel tank. Fuel contamination is common in the Northwest where a moist climate, and fuel that may sit through the winter months create the perfect environment for microbial growth.

How do marine fuel and fuel tanks become contaminated?

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Clean fuel is a major factor in worry-free boating. Engine failure due to plugged fuel filters results from contaminated fuel. Felix Marine’s vessel to vessel service provides fuel polishing and tank cleaning to eliminate contamination and restore clean fuel.

Felix Marine provides professional tank and bilge cleaning services to private boat owners, marinas, brokers and yacht dealers. The Felix reputation as the gold standard is well deserved after 20 years of servicing the Northwest boating community

Expert Bilge Cleaning Services

Experienced techs spray de-greaser into your bilges, pump emulsified sludge into disposal containers, and wash the bilge clean with high pressure water. The waste is then taken to a hazardous waste center and treated according to EPA standards.

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